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‘Mummy, what you have, cancer, is that what it’s called?’

Huge dark blue eyes staring unflinchingly into mine.

‘Yes darling, that’s what it’s called. Is everything ok?’

‘Sometimes. Sometimes people die from cancer.’

He’s 5.


My heart broke.

I didn’t even know he knew the word cancer, or had any understanding of it. I’ve never felt it necessary to be too honest with him – I try to remember how young he is and keep what I say on his level.

I guess I underestimated him.

Of course I reassured him. Told him that even though I am a bit sick right now, I am getting better and I’m not dying.

And I could say that honestly after my last lot of tests 🙂

God, we’re so lucky. So so blessed.

I’m so grateful we’re getting through this.


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