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Hey guys, seems time for a life update yeah?

So, you’ll never guess what. I’m still off mainstream treatment, and still holding steady. I have good days (like yesterday) and very flat days (like today). I’ve lost some weight (I needed to, and should keep dropping naturally I hope) and my cycle is slowly becoming regular. My skin is looking better, I haven’t needed a nap in the afternoon in ages, and I’ve slowly started riding again ūüôā

My best mate lives with us now, it’s awesome. Saved my ass financially too. And sometimes, she makes my bed ‚̧

Everything is so up in the air but I’m fighting in the only ways I can to keep our house and lifestyle, and that’s that. Underneath that, I’m stable. I have shitty horrible days but I’m ok. I know myself. I’m single and actually good with that to the point of wanting to stay that way. Bailey is just a livewire, bright and happy. He’s developed a real sense of humour (god knows he’ll need it) and his creativity has been shining through. We’re still ‘homeschooling’ (legally, though truth be told we tend to edge more toward unschooling these days, not that we try to fit into any particular category) and I can’t see us re-entering mainstream education any time soon. It just works for us. I regret putting him into school in the first place, I had that spot in my tummy where you know something’s not right but I just I don’t know? Wanted us to fit in? I guess school is just the thing to do, and there aren’t a lot of options here.

Everything is geared towards people entering the mainstream education system. Doesn’t mean it’s bad, just not for everyone I guess.¬†

So yeah, that’s us. There’s been a lot of friend drama, house drama, financial drama but I feel removed from it all most of the time. It doesn’t matter. It’s highly likely I’ll end up walking out of this house with nothing to show for it but that’s ok. If I’m here for one year or ten before starting over I’m just going to make the best of it. We like it here. It’s cruisy and I have the best work and friends, but I find gorgeous people anywhere i go and Bailey seems the same. I want to stay here as long as possible, because we’re set but when it’s time to go, I won’t grieve.¬†

Sunsets and stars. Bonfires. Hugs and true friends and the smell of rain. I can have the important things anywhere we go.



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I feel like I’m going backwards, retreating inside myself, drowning.

I could lose myself, in this.

I’m feeling like a teenager…unsure, insecure. And so frustrated. Vulnerable and hormonal. Scared.

Yes I’m scared. Not really of cancer. Maybe not being scared is the scary part of that. I’m scared of myself, what I’m becoming on the inside, shrivelling while I try so hard to outwardly keep my shit together.

I go backwards rather than forwards. I’m sicker than I was, missing Craig more than I was, getting less done.


At least I have cool hair. Until the rest falls out.


I’m the worst blogger ever. I miss writing so much. I just haven’t had anything worth saying. I don’t want to write about vomit, nosebleeds, injections, chemo, petty school drama, horses. As much as I love him, I don’t want to write about Bailey. I don’t want to write about all the stuff I’m not doing and how hard life is right now.

But I’ve missed you all, and I’m sending love, and hoping a little comes back…



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By request – White Lady in the Hood, get in here!!

Ahh, my beloved country, where to begin? I’m not going to rag on about all the facts and figures you could just google – yes, it’s a big place, mostly desert, some refer to it as a country, some a continent, and everything here seems to be poisonous.

 I live in the hills about an hour out of Perth, which is the capital city of Western Australia Рand the most isolated capital city in the world. What that means in real terms, is that crap-all good bands, shows, exhibitions etc tend to come here.

This is what it looks like where I live at the moment – and it is hot, about 42 (that’s about 108 fahrenheit). Most things are dead – and we have had a really mild summer with a late winter.

We have gorgeous beaches – this is where I grew up –

And where I’m hoping to be living next year –

We have a great music scene, off the top of my head Powderfinger, Missy Higgins, Gyroscope, ACDC, Choirboys, INXS, Crowded House, Jet, Silverchair, Savage Garden, You am I, George, Sia, Hilltop Hoods, The Superjesus, Wolfmother, Hunters and Collectors, Jimmy Barnes, Something for Kate, Sarah Blasko (ok I’ll stop) are all worth a listen, depending on your taste.

Notice I didn’t mention Kylie Minogue? Yeah, there’s a reason for that.

We don’t really talk like the dude from Crocodile Dundee.

I’ve never heard anyone say ‘throw¬†a shrimp on the barbie mate’. Well only Americans :). We call them prawns, for a start.

Racism is a huge issue here – I love being part of a multicultural society but there is alot¬†of tension. It’s considered fairly socially acceptable to have ‘fuck off, we’re full’ stickers on cars. Makes picking out the uneducated bogans easier though.

Stuff is¬†kinda expensive here – I went shopping with a guy from New York (‘the doctor’)¬†the other day, he was pretty in awe of the prices – and we were at an outlet centre. Food and¬†bills too – it is more expensive to grow things here, and transport is more cause we’re pretty isolated I guess.

He says I’m the ‘quintessential¬†aussie¬†girl’ because I grew up on the beach, wear thongs (flipflops!! :P)¬†everywhere, and say ‘mate’ and ‘no worries’ alot.

We tend to drink alot¬†– it’s a fairly big thing in our ‘culture’. No-one drinks Fosters though.¬†There are alot¬†of programs, advertising campaigns¬†etc to try and¬†reverse this a little, but I think it’ll take a couple of generations at least. Alcohol fuelled violence is a big issue, and our legal age is 18, but I don’t know many people who waited that long to regularly get drunk. Smoking dope is technically illegal, but it’s not seen as a big deal at all.

Some of the things I love about Australia are the beaches, wide open spaces, winter and spring down south, the smell of woodfires, the way we can poke fun at ourselves, the educational opportunities¬†that are available to everyone, the sunsets, barbeques, thongs, the smell of reef coconut oil, Vegemite,¬†seeing roos¬†at work, surf clothes, music, double coat timtams¬†amd¬†our general ‘mateship’.

Some things I don’t love quite so much, include the fucking flies!, mozzie¬†swarms, spiders – huge fucking spiders, no snow – unless you live over east and it’s still not really decent, the heat – and I don’t even live in the reallly¬†hot part, no Starbucks, people using the word ‘cunt’ in every second sentence, our health system – yes I know it’s apparently comparatively¬†wonderful – but I resent paying through my taxes, paying for private cover, paying a gap fee, and still having to independently source testing. The red dust that gets everywhere, the blatant racism, the ‘she’ll be right’ attitude towards mental health….annnnd I’m going to stop there, because I really do love my country and way of life. I know I’m blessed.


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