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I just noticed I’m at 150 posts, and I think since I did 100 things about me for my 100th, I should do another 50 random things today ūüôā

Some of them will probably be repeats, but oh well.

  1. I’m thinking about having another baby, despite having no-one to have one with the traditional way. I’d love to wait for the perfect situation but my body says I have to hurry up.
  2. I’m going to the US, either this year or next. Yay!
  3. I’m currently ebaying¬†for rosary beads, just because I love them, despite being an atheist.
  4. I just joined NaNoWriMo
  5. I’ve just had a major (hopefully temporary) lifestyle change.
  6. And I have no idea what we’re going to do next.
  7. And by ‘we’ I mean me and my son, who’s 5.
  8. I’ve had 2 types of cancer.
  9. I’m 27. Oh God.
  10. I’m Australian and joke about being a bogan, but I know I’m pretty far from the stereotype really.
  11. I love writing.
  12. Recently someone was hassling me, so¬†(after months) I very calmly told him to Fuck. Off. or he’d see what harassment really was (paraphrasing).
  13. And it worked. Pussy.
  14. I hate watching sport on tv. Or ever really.
  15. And I hate just having the tv on ‘as background noise’.
  16. And channel surfing, argh!
  17. I rarely smoke now (socially every few weeks if that).
  18. I don’t do drugs.
  19. I’m preparing for a divorce and feel absolutely shattered.
  20. I have a brother I genuinely dislike and I think the world would be better without people like him in it.
  21. I love the coast. Love. Like, religiously.
  22. I also worship wide open space, paddocks, red dust and being miles and miles from a shopping centre. Seeing mobs of sheep, hayrolls, tractors, roos… Now that I am living on the coast, in suburbia, whenever I take a drive inland it feels like my eyes are drinking all that in.
  23. We have this puppy, Charlie…he’s like 3 times the size of his mother already. He is¬†really truly¬†as dumb as a fence post and constantly doing stupid, stupid, hilarious things but I love the absolute hell out of him.
  24. I never thought I’d be a mother. I never thought I could love so intensely.
  25. I love pretty things…in some ways I’m such a girly girl and in others I’m really totally not.
  26. My mantra for the last few months¬†until two days ago was ‘Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together’.
  27. And then my Dr told me to cease drinking immediately due to low platelets (or something. my blood’s not clotting properly).
  28. There’s better ways to cope anyway.
  29. I just can’t think of them sometimes.
  30. I stood up for myself to my ex yesterday. I’m pretty sure he’s not talking to me and may not for a while, and that hurts. But I’m good in myself and I’m sick of feeling like a doormat.
  31. Bailey just started taekwondo and he looked adorable, and so small.
  32. Something doesn’t sit right in my tummy about it…the deference maybe…but this is not about me.
  33. If I am ever blessed enough to have another baby boy I’ll call him Eli.
  34. I homeschool at the moment.
  35. My hair is short and spiky and awful. I look like a troll doll that’s been hacked at.
  36. If I was ever to have a baby girl I’d call her Astrid. I’ve always loved it and one of my parents wanted to name me that. I wish they had.
  37. I hate my name.
  38. I’m writing a novel.
  39. My cat died a little while ago and I still miss him horribly. I dream about him all the time too.
  40. I miss myself, and I’m trying to get her back.
  41. I have this awful feeling I’ll always be looking for something.
  42. I like some seriously lame music.
  43. And some seriously awesome stuff too!
  44. I miss my horses but I’m avoiding seeing them. I don’t know if I’m going to continue riding. I don’t know if that’s my life anymore.
  45. I still wish on stars, birthday candles, and at 11:11. And I always wish for the same thing.
  46. I’m in love.
  47. And technically single.
  48. I’m incredibly nervous about an appointment tomorrow morning and trying so hard not to show it.
  49. The guy who lives next door is a cop, and one time he ‘caught’ me trying to ‘break in’ here. It’s awkward after that little argument so we avoid each other. He was rude first.
  50. I don’t like the smell of lavender.


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is just the most beautiful child.

 And now he is FIVE

He is funny and smart and brave and kind.

He loves books, animals, anything with wheels, cooking, being tickled and pony rides.

He doesn’t like loud noises, crowds, being bossed around and the naughty corner. Or spiders.

I love him more than life, more than I knew I could.

‘I love you Mummy’

‘I love you, my darling’

‘I feel how I love you in my chest. And when you make my bed warm. And cook chicken the best’

If I could only ever do one thing right in life, I’d want it to be looking after my Bailey.


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