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about doing something big.

I don’t want Bailey to have a regular suburban childhood. And I don’t want to be a regular suburban mummy. I’m not anyway, although sometimes I try to be. God knows why.

I don’t even want him to have a regular rural upbringing. Well not 100 % of the time.

We tend to be quite insulated here.

I get a bit tied down. With horses, the dog and cats, the new puppies – don’t ask, work, friends. It’s a military style operation to get away for a weekend, here.

I kind of want to get into remission, get my health well and truly under control, and take off somewhere for a little while. Say 6mths to a year. With Bman by my side, seeing a bit of the world.

When I was 12, I did some distance education while living with my mother in Bali, Indonesia. I don’t think it hurt my education, and although I could write a book on ‘horrible things my mother has done’, I’d have to say I’m grateful for that particular opportunity.

There’s some things you can’t learn at school.

I’d like to head back to the US and traipse around a bit more, maybe see a small amount of Europe…and somewhere really different…India?

I’m just writing while I’m thinking.

I have to save some money obviously, enough for the basics, for the horses to go out on spell while we’re gone, and a bit extra. I’ll need a housesitter for the cats and dogs…

We won’t be staying in 5 star places this time around haha.

My awesome American readers – what’s really cool where you are?




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